Microson Plus




How does it work?

Most optimized HIFU technology ever, unique and effective aesthetic device built on ultrasound technology to deliver face-lifting & custom contouring fat reduction for body. The Microson Plus is HIFU(High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) system for facial lifting by producing focal thermal coagulation points (TCPs) at the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS), deep dermis & subcutaneous adipose tissue. The Microson Plus is non-invasive, non-surgical ultrasound lifting system providing facial & body lifting effect without causing superficial damages.



[4.5mm] SMAS
The SMAS layer is an area of musculature of the face that exists in 4.5mm depth from the skin surface. The SMAS layer is composed of collagen and elastic fibers and plays role of delivering muscle contraction to the skin surface. The Microson Dual enables nonsurgical facial lifting by producing TCPs in SMAS layers.

[3.0mm] Lower dermis
Deep dermis at 3.0mm depth from skin surface is connected to SMAS layers by fibrous septa. The Microson Dual is able to promote facial lifting and collagen regeneration by producting TCPs in deep dermis.

[1.5mm] Upper dermis 
The Microson Dual induce wrinkle improvement by promotion of superficial dermal neocollagenesis through production of TCPs in collagen-rich dermis later of 1.5mm depth.

Puls Mode


A . Line Handpiece

Replaceable Cartridge for line handpiece.  Large areas can be treated quickly.

B . Checking Line handpiece status by LED

 Indicate status in different colors and check whether energy is properly delivered or not during the treatment.

C . Line handpiece cartridge

Provides different cartridges depending on target depth.

D . Rubbing handpiece

You can set the shooting speed. Local areas can be treated delicately.

E . Checking Rubbing handpiece status by LED

Indicate status in different colors and check whether energy is properly delivered or not during the treatment.



Energy Type High Intensity Focused Ultrasound
Handpiece Type    Line          Rubbing (pen)
Cartidges  SD7-1.5, DD7-3.0, SM4-4.5  SDP7-1.5, DDP7-3.0, SMP4-4.5
Shot 20,000 shot 200,000 shot
Auto mode  0.5~1.5sec (step 0.1sec)
Spacing  1.2~2.0mm (step 0.1mm)
Length  4~24mm (step 4mm)
Rubbing pulse 1~7Hz
Input Power AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz
Demension (WxDxH mm) 498 x 437 x 329
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